Ray Choi is a Hong Kong photographer who started shooting photos several years ago of people he found on the street that donned sorrowful faces. Even though these people would be wearing fancy clothes, driving nice cars or living want seemed to be the high-life, their faces depicted a different reality, one where disappointment met despair.


As a result, in 2016 Ray decided to start up @long_waybackhome, a project focused on capturing the weary and anxious faces of the people of Hong Kong in the hopes of shining light on the things that seemed to be missing deep down in the hearts of these individuals. A few years later he founded @thelady_of_fiftytwoseasons as a response to @long_waybackhome.

God created this world with only four seasons, but we created the other forty-eight seasons, just to remind ourselves that we are always falling behind the trends. All we can do is to work harder, earn more money to rent our soul a place to rest. Perhaps deep in our hearts, we realize that we are just a cog in the machine of capitalism, our purpose of life is designed, our value is instilled, our happiness is doomed to be not long-lasting. We are just like mannequins who stand behind the shop window, watch our city grow while our body is trapped to serve the highly commercialized society.